Two sisters, Jane 8 and Helen 6, were tragically killed in a traffic accident. 

Their parents were devastated and felt that life was no longer worth living. Their mother visited their grave everyday and prayed for their return...which was, of course impossible. 


A few months later the girls' mother discovered she was pregnant even though she was in her mid forties. This was a joy to the couple, but did not take away the grief for their dead daughters.


The mother gave birth to twin girls. They were absolutely delighted and called them Joy and Hope. As time passed, they couldn't help but notice the resemblance between their twin girls and their deceased sisters, Joy took after Jane, whilst Hope was more like Helen. Of course, being sisters there was a strong genetic connection. 

However, Joy choose all Janes old toys to play with and Hope chose Helens. They started to talk and talked about events which had happened to their sisters and not to them. 

Jit would say " remember when I hurt my hand and went to hospital mummy?" But that had happened to Jane, not Joy. Hope was exactly the same. 

The parents became convinced that their twins were the reincarnation of their older, deceased, sisters. 

They presented their ideas to parapsychologists and the society for psychic research. It was decided that the parents might have been talking about their older daughters or subconsciously guiding their twin daughters behaviours. 

The girls became older, still showing resemblances to their older siblings. One day the parents took them on a visit to their old town which was sixty miles away. They had relocated after their first daughters had died.

Driving past a building, Hope pointed and said, "that's the school we used to go to!" Joy agreed. It was the school Jane and Helen had attended. The twins could give details of the school, talked about their teachers "Mrs Cunningham"  and " Mr Seatle" , ...all totally accurate. They directed their parents to "The house where we used to live" ( correct), the park and other places the deceased girls had been familiar with. 

Their parents were convinced that their twins were the reincarnation of their first two children. 

Joy and Hope continued to show these traits and memories until they reached the ages that their sisters were when they died, after this, the recollections gradually stopped. The twins are now in their twenties and still retain the childhood memories of their sisters, but are more interested in their own lives. 

They have no idea where all this came from. Could it be inherited memorie? Things they had picked up about their sisters? Or true reincarnation as their parents still believe? 






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