Interview with author

Thea Hartley 

"Tooth and Claw" 


Q: This book is the fourth in a series of crime novels featuring Resa James. Can it be read as a stand alone book? 

A: Yes, it is a story that's complete within itself and you do not have to read any of the preceding books. 


Q: In this book the plot is like one of the old horror movies, where people disappear mysteriously and bodies are found which appear to have been killed by a werewolf. Is this correct? 

A: Yes, the police can't believe what forensics tell them. They say that all the marls on the bodies are consistent with a large animal. 


Q:  What happens when the experts arrive? 

A: They recognise the behavioural patterns as being that of a large animal,


Q: What or who do they start looking for? 

A: A " Lycanthrope " ...a person who believes he or she changes into a wolf or other animal. 


Q Is this a genuine psychological disorder? 

A: Yes, most definitely. 


Q: How does Resa and the team discover who this ' werewolf is?

A: this is a very complicated investigation. It is not until one of the police officers is captured that all the clues add up.


Q: Do you believe in Werewolves? and should we be on our guard for them. 

A: I'm not sure about werewolves, but you should certainly keep an eye out for ' lycanthropes.


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Tooth and Claw