A NEW Crime Novel which explores the psychological mind set of a dangerous criminal, which leads to international involvement from the FBI. 



It starts as a fairly routine case, when a missing person turns up after four years. The only investigation required is to verify her identity and discover where she has been. 


However, it soon becomes clear that the woman who has turned up looks nothing like the one who disappeared. She also claims to have been kidnapped and tied up in a basement of a house which has no such room! 


As D.S. Angela McCarthy, her team, and consultant psychologist Resa James investigate the case, they discover that nothing is what it seems, and the woman's original disappearance is connected to serious international crime. 

Angela, Rob and other officers lives are put in danger as they discover more and more layers to the criminal activities leading back to the Second World War, and posing a danger to the whole of humankind. 


If if you like a thriller with many twists and turns, look no further. This is the one for you ! 


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