This has been a very emotional journey. I have written a series of books about my family, covering three generations.

 The first book was about my grandfather opening the first condom factory in the U.K., and covered the years 1900-1945. He lived a colourful and prosperous life.

This was followed by the second volume about my father, how he lived it up despite the poverty around him and led a hedonistic lifestyle. Through the years 1945-1962


Finally volume three, which was so emotional it tore me apart. I wrote about the loss of all the fortune and my father's decline in wealth and his own health. I revealed personal secrets and wrote of my own life during a time of trauma and abuse. I cried as I wrote about my children and the fight we had all experienced against the odds. the essence of what our life had become. 

I hope that you have followed my joirney and enjoyed the series. 



THE FALL OF THE FRENCH LETTER KING is the third book in the series which began with The French Letter King and was followed by Secrets of the French Letter King.