The Major Meets His Match by Sarah M Jefferson

The Major Meets His MatchA Regency Adventure and Romance.

Set in the Regency period and taking place in and around the beautiful City of Bath in Somerset. A beautiful location is no guarantee of beautiful behaviour...

Major Bedivere Lynmouth’s quiet convalescence from a wound received in the war in the Peninsular, is about to be rudely interrupted by an unlooked for meeting. He is drawn into what at first seems simply an amusing situation, with possible romantic interest. However it soon takes on a more serious and sinister tone, that leads to adventure, theft, mystery, danger and romance.



the French Letter King

This book is about a young man, Thomas Horton of 20,  who leaves the pit's in Sengenydd in 1900 to make his fortune in the large , bustling city of Merthyr Tydfil . 

He arrives with his sister Annie and no money . He becomes a coster-monger , pawnbroker, spends time in jail. Owns a scrap metal yard, runs a boxing stable and buys a football cluB.

Finally he sets up the first " French Letter" ( Condom) factory in the country . 

Amongst all these adventures he manages to marry a girl from a religious family and produces an heir . All does not go smoothly however, and there is much more in store for Tom...

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Jodie has recently moved with her new doctor husband, to a small valley town. 

She makes a terrible discovery in the skip outside her house, and finds out that her husband is somehow implicated. 

Josh, Her husband becomes increasingly violent towards her and she tries to leave. Meanwhile, Jdie befriends Honey, a lap dancer in a sex club who is undergoing her own personal traumas. 

Jodie fnds help in the mst unexpected places, but her life becomes threatened. 

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