Memories of the Second World War

My latest book "Under the Clouds of Wat" was a result of the stories told me by my Grandparents, Parents, Aunts and Uncles, all of whom lived through WW2.

My parents met prior to the war. When it broke out my father told my mother that, despite being engaged, they would not marry until the war had ended. He didn't want to have a wife and family in such uncertain times. This didn't go down well with my mother, as she thought he had other ideas behind his decision. However, the minute that the War was ended, she booked the church and the reception! He had no say in the matter! 

My mother was no pushover, as her actions showed. Previously, they had argued about his reluctance to wed, so she had stormed off to visit her cousin in London for a holiday...during the blitz!

The main character, Sophie is based on my very feisty mother. Although she is a fictional character, her personality reflects that of my mother and I am sure she would have behaved like Sophie if she had experienced 'her' circumstances.

Other various relatives told tales of their experiences at war. Especially one uncle who was in the airforce. I took some of his stories and actions to build up the character of 'Harry' a former playboy, who learns the true meaning of friendship and love when he is enlisted in the forces. My uncle was adamant that the airforce made him a far better man. 

Another uncle did not go to war due to his beliefs. He was a conscientious objector, a pacifist who did not believe in killing his fellow men.  The fiancée of "Bebe" in the book is based on him, and his experience of prison and the medical core. He told me there was a great deal of stigma around being a 'conscie' and that he had suffered a lot of verbal and physical abuse.

My grandparents regailled me with many tales about community spirit, the arrival of evacuees and the hardship, yet comradeship which governed the war years. I used their stories to weave tales of life before and during the war in small communitpies as well as in London for those who suffered the devastation of the 'blitz'.

All these memories have become interwoven to produce a fictional novel which pulls at the heartstrings. It chronicles Joy and grief, birth and death plus all the individual stories of courageois individuals who lived through a time we, in the 21st century, cannot even envisage. 

Let us never forget these memories. Many are those belonging  to people who are no longer with us, but still have an important tale to tell. Stories relevant to present day, which can teach us a great deal about love, hate, responsibility, loyalty, and many other human traits. Tales which can even change our lives. 


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