I'm a celebrity...get me out of here! 

This TV reality show is about to start, tying up our evening viewing for the next few weeks. 

Imagine if you had started a pseudo-relationship with a well known celebrity... imagine if you knew a secret about him which no one else knew...then imagine that you had to compete in a reality tv show as a devoted couple? 


Scarey? It really is .. and for Saffie it's the worse scenario she can think of. However, she has promised her celebrity "boyfriend" that she will go through with it. Before she can say 'help'...she is parachuted into the jungle. 


To complicate matters further...Saffie falls in love with another man, is a bridesmaid at her sisters Christmas Highland wedding and the only person on hand when an unexpected delivery occurs!

There are even more shocks and adventures before Christmas Eve in an old, romantic castle, weaves its magic spell. 


Treat yourself to a funny, sad and romantic Christmas read, 


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