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I ap am currently in hospital after suffering a mini stroke. A scary experience,but I don't want to write about it here. 

Hospital is a place which is one of the great equalisers. Rich or poor, everyone is treated the same. A prosperous business executives stroke is the same as a labourers,.and they both get the same treatment, this is one of the cornerstones of the NHS, we must make sure it remains. 


in hospital therefore, you can observe families. Their reactions and responses to their 'loved ones' illness. This is what I want to talk about. 

Firstly I am extremely lucky. My family have been by my side throughout. I have had at least one of them constantlysitting, comforting me. Just their presence encourages me to fight back to health., 

Others, have had a number of different experiences:

The lady in the next bed to me was ninety. She lives alone in a flat, and has a son, daughter and grandchildren.

She is a very feisty old lady and was discharged today, but, she is sad. Her son and his family lived in America, her daughter in The North of England, no one has visited her, no one was by her side during the frightening ordeal of suffering a stroke. We talked, her and I, both of us had been affected by speech problems, quick therapy has mostly remedied I think we are both very vocal people who were determined to talk! 

She got me thinking about the importance of family, she was crying, wishing she could be with her children. I am not judging. I do not know their circumstances, I just find it incredibly sad that in the final years of their mother's life, she is alone. She was fit to discharge yesterday ( she was admitted well before me) , it was only today she could return home because a neighbour, a thirty year old mother of three, had been looking for her, noticing she was not around and tracked her diwn to the hospital, she has agreed to look after this lady for a few days, then pop in on a daily basis to help. ...thank goodness for neighbours. 

The second case, is an 80 year old woman, also a stroke victim, She is critically ill. A nurse keeps a vigil by herBed. No one has been to see her. I enquired about her family. She has three children living within 40 miles at the most. She also has grandchildren Where are they? I don't know the circumstances once more, but this lady gave birth to them and raised them . Soon she will no longer be here. Surely they could see her, and just put a hand in hers? 


These  stories are so sad, both are mothers who did everything they could for their children, the best they knew how. Surely family could be there for them at this end stage of life? 


The  woman opposite me, is luckier. A serious stroke victim, but her husband stays all day until the staff force him out at night. He holds her hand, and looks at her with such love you would believe they were young marrieds. They have been together 54 years, and are in their seventies. Their children visit every day. Bringing their mother presents she can't at the moment appreciate. 

I pray for her recovery. 

What is the difference between these family relationships? Why do some break down, whilst others appear to grow? 

I don't know the answers, I wish I did. Please have these ladies in your thoughts, prayers, or any other way you prefer to celebrate their lives. 


 I dictated this article by voice tecignition. But I felt so strongly, I had to post .Excuse mistakes due to"oromorof",

Bless you all and your families.