Sample of "Fractured Lives"

The following is a sample from a chapter of Fractured Lives: 


Danny reappeared a few hours later. In his arms, in plastic bags were hundreds of toy soldiers. The infantry, cavalry, from privates to generals. He collected them all from his bedroom, and other area of the house where he had set up battle reconstructions.
He took them all outside to the small back garden with its patches of brown dead grass and flourishing weeds. .
He carried wood from the garden shed and stacked it in the centre of the patch with newspapers and old boxes.
George approached him . He wanted to know what was going on? What the fuck he thought he was doing? However, the look in Danny’s eyes stopped his father in his tracks. It was not the face of a child he saw, it was the face of a man, a fearsome one who sought revenge.
Danny got out a box of matches...Swan Vespers. He lit one and set fire to some of the paper. He lit another and set fire to rags, paper, boxes and dry twigs. The inferno began, flames licking at the higher, thicker wooden blocks. Making them smoulder then burst into life...burning, flaming and destroying.
Danny opened his plastic bags and started throwing the small, green plastic soldiers onto the bonfire.
They began to melt, more anfd more soldiers joining the pyre.
Some boys arrived in the garden. George recognised them as friends of Danny’s...David Thomas, Christopher Rees, Dylan Jones, and a few more. They all brought wood, kindling, paper, even some petrol soaked rags.
The bonfire blazed, better than the last Guy Fawkes tribute. This one had hundreds of guys, small green plastic ones. The stench of melted plastic filled the air.
Neighbours came to complain. Some came to watch. The blaze continued until all the soldiers were destroyed. Not a face or a figure was left.
Eventually, slowly, with the odd sharp spark as a head fell from the body of a soldier,the bonfire began to die down as no more fuel was added.
The green plastic melted together into a gooey mound which settled in the centre of the pyre. It gave off noxious fumes, causing eyes to run and lungs to cough.
The boys doused it with water, ensuring that no stray sparks remained and the fumes were dampened in order not to affect any curious animals. It hissed in a final cry for mercy...but it was too late. The smoke turned from black, to grey, then white, finally dissipating into the atmosphere.
Danny pressed his mates hands to his as they left, no words were said.
He went to bed, two steps at a time.
George stood there silently.

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