A tale of heartbreak, happiness, war and sacrifice. A srory which will remain with you long after you finish the book.

A story about the strength and loyalty of friends, and the courage found in adversity.  





"Thicker Than Blood" Historical Romance set during WW2

It was not only the men and women in the forces who helped win the war. It was also the efforts and sacrifices of other workers, such as those in ammunition factories and coal miners. These workers often toiled in terrible conditions and also faced danger, leading to tragedy. 

This book is about these workers and their families...with one family in particular. The story of Marie and Davy.

Service men were hailed as heroes during the Second World War, as was their due. When on leave they would be treated as if they were royalty..given the best treatment, getting priority in food queues and theatres, and even receiving top rate medical service by jumping the queue. 

This was never begrudged these brave men ( and some women). However, other workers such as coal Miners in reserved occupations, also helped win the war, sufferinh injuries in squalid underground conditions and losing workmates. 

These men were sometimes looked down on because they did not 'fight for their country' . In addition, when losing a limb or suffering some other life changing injury, their treatment was delayed until after the servicemen with similar injuries were cured. A srevive man could have an artificial limb fitted and begin Physiotherapy within six months, whereas a miner might have to wait two years. This is am example of the inequality during the war. 

This book is about the courageous men and women who fought in their own way at home. Who had to fight the authorities for fairness in medical treatment,whilst aiding the war effort by making ammunition and producing coal. 

These unsung heroes had more than one conflict to overcome. They tried to make life better...and equal for all. 

It is also a bitter-sweet love story, where difficult decisions are made and love is often hidden beneath other, destructive emotions. 

‘A rare and touching tale.’