Fall of the French Letter King

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Following the story of Tommy and Ron Horton, their years of success in the rubber factory and Ron's marriage to Lorna comes the story of the businesses fall into bankruptcy. 

The trials and tribulations of the Horton family are recounted in the final volume of the trilogy. 


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The French letter King    And...

Secrets of the French Letter King. 


The trilogy spans the years in a Welsh Valley town from 1900 - 1982.






This book follows the life of Tommy Horton and his son Ron,from where it ended in "The French Letter King" .

This biography covers the years 1946-1962 when society became more liberal after the deprivation of the war years.

Many technological changes took place including the advent of Television for the whole population, more telephones, cars and the beginning of Transistor radios. 

There are many changes for Beatalls and the Horton family as times of prosperity in the economy boosts businesses. However, the French Letter business faces new competition.

There are many personal tragedies and turmoil to face, as well as a story of enduring love.



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Tommy Horton

Tommy Horton came to the valley town of Merthyr tydfil in 1900 determined to make his fortune. 

He had previously been a coster monger and a miner in the infamous Sengenydd pit. However, he could no long stand mining and living cramped in a tiny house with his mother, nine siblings amd married sister and her family. 

He, and his sister Annie decided to get away. Annie aged 17 and Tommy 19, arrived in Merthyr. Annie had secured a post in service..Tommy just had his wits to live on. 

Live on them he did. 

He became a coster monger, scrap merchant, money lender, spent time in jail for larceny, then rebuilt his career and bought a rubber factory and a football club..not to mention the boxing. 

He was also a womaniser, who eventually married and had a son. This father/son relationship was even more colourful than the rest of his life, 





The French Letter King

The life of Tommy Horton and his son Ronnie are Chronicled in a book...THE FRENCH LETTER KING.

Which tells of the wheeling and dealing in his life. His experiences in business and his brush with the law, it shows how he redeemed himself and became a wealthy entrepreneur by opening a rubber factory to make condoms, and give plenty of employment to people in the valleys. 

the book also recollects his love /hate relationship with his son Ronnie, and the effect of his womanising on his family. 

This is a true rags to riches story, which also looks at the lives of the people in Merthyr Tydfil as they battled with two world wars and periods of doom and boom. 

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Newspaper Article.

Numerous newspaper articles have been written about Tommy Horton, and the book. 

A great deal of interest in his life has taken place, because it not only looks at one man's success, but at the whole changing pattern of society in South Wales during and between Two World wars 


The book reads easily, like a novel with dramatisation of scenes. However, it is also an I portent historical document. 

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