14. Feb, 2016

The Vanity of Blindness

Lost Sight

Due to losing my sight ( I am not going to write about the whys and wherefores) I had to give up work as a lecturer. 

 I had worked for many, many years, and this left a big gap in my life. One I found difficult to fill. I started to use the Internet on a special screen, but found that very difficult. However I persevered with the little bit of distorted vision I had left making many mistakes as I couldn't see the words. 

However, I joined two great groups ...The Merthyr Rat Pack...where I met lots of friends and Merthyr Writes...a writing group. 

I had always wanted to write. It had been my first love, my first passion. If I hadn't entered parenthood at a young age ( 16) I would have pursued a writing career . No doubt about it! 

I loved the writing exercises.

I knew I had a lot to say about psychological effects on people. I wanted to write about domestic abuse and the veneer of respectability which hides depravity. So I wrote a book " No Refuge"

Here I made my mistake! I sent it to numerous publishers...I was rejected. Over and over. But no one commented on the reason why. I thought it was just because getting a new book published was so difficult. I KNEW this book was good, I believed in it! 

What I didn't do was get a proof reader or editor. I knew nothing about the writing world ...oh silly naive person! 

I published No Refuge, mistakes and all. I couldn't see them, but I knew the story was good, I didn't know there were mistakes. No one told me ( probably considered it a sensitive issue). 

I soon found out however, when my book sold and I had reviews. Practically without exception the reviews said ..." Great story, terrible spelling and format, missing words and letters etc" 

I was appalled. I learned about writing, editing, publishing. I listened to authors, writing courses, advice. I bought new equipment. 

Eventually I got a publisher, editor and proof reader. My subsequent books are edited to an inch of their lives. 

But I still love NO REFUGE and have now had it edited and republished! With the mistakes resolved! 

If you have an old copy update it with Amazon free of charge. 

If you haven't read it ...read it now. 

Please forgive me for thinking I could write 'blind'. I have learned a lot from my disability. I would love to see again, but I now know you can adapt, even if it takes a lot of change and a great deal of new things to learn!