6. Mar, 2017



This is my review of author Lynette Rees’ new blockbuster “What's Left Behind”. 


A new Detective is in town and she's a woman!  D.I. Carter is given the job of solving the murder of a popular yoing woman. It's a total mystery which puzzles the population of a small Welsh Town . 


The killings continue...but DI Carter has a breakthrough when she makes a link with the past! 

Watch out for the brilliant twist!

This book is extremely well written and has many laters. Not only is it a murder mystery, but it introduces the reader to a number of colourful characters, which I hope will reappear in future novels in this series. 

The description of the town, country and other environments is accurate and atmospheric, drawing the reader into the story as if they are really there. 

The emotional impact is really startling as you start to empathise with DI Carter....but can also see that she is walking into dangerous territory whilst being unable to warn her. 

This detective is a real, warm, well rounded character with her own problems as well as soloing the murder. She even has a personal involvement which stems from the past ...you, the reader, can feel her confusion. 

The twist at the end is absolutely breathtaking! 

Highly recommended. 


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  5 stars,