REINCARNATION has been the cornerstone of many religions and beliefs for centuries. 

There are numerous arguments in its favour, all of which have their merits and logic. If you believe in the existence of a soul, then reincarnation makes perfect sense. Why should God, or any deity keep making more souls infinitem? Isn't the logical thing to do, is to recycle existing souls, who hopefully learn through each lifetime until they reach a state of pure spirit.

Obviously, there is more to the belief than this simple explanation. Integrated in Reincarnation are the concepts of KARMA and SOULMATES. 

KARMA is the belief that all deeds are balanced out. If not in this life, then in the next. It comprises the old saying, “What goes around, comes around”, or in other words whatever you do, you will be paid back for It. Rewarded for good deeds; punished for bad. Whereas some people cling to this belief as something that happens in this life, other people believe that the consequences are played out in a subsequent life or lives. This explains why apparently "good" people suffer terrible trauma, whilst "bad" people get lots of luck, love and good fortune. These are carried over from a previous life. 

SOULMATES.  The belief is that when our soul was originally created it was cut in God, an oonipotent being, Brahma, or whoever name you wish to call the creator, then the two halves separated to make two different people, who, through life after life seek oneanother  in order to become complete. There is perfect, pure love between them which transcends all other, When you meet your soulmate you know, without doubt that this is your 'other half' and you feel complete. 


This is is a very simplified explanation of a complex belief. How do you know that it's true? What clues are there to the fact that you have lived before? 

* Have you ever experienced Deja vue? ( the feeling you have been somewhere new, 'before') 

* Do you ever immediately like or hate a person you have only just met? ( this indicates you knew them in a previous life.) 

*Do you dream in vivid detail of places you have never been to and/or people you have never met? ( indicates you knew them in a previous life.)

*Have you noticed, in nature, that when something dies, something as simple as a leaf off a tree, it falls to the ground, shrivels up and is gone. Yet, on that very same tree, on the same branch, a bud appears the following spring and becomes a new leaf...the same variety, the same shape, but subtly different. The leaf has returned, it is reincarnated. Look around you, this 'proof' is everywhere in nature. 

Reincarnation is a very deep, yet extremely simple, belief and we only need to be open to it, for it to show us the way.



This book explores the possibilities of reincarnation. Illustrates the ways in which Karma manifests itself, as the same people meet in life after life, and the story also follows two 'soul mates", as they try to unite, but fate and enemies intervene to stop them. 

As they continue their karmic journies will they remove the curse put on them centuries ago?