This book came about after many years research into reincarnation, various spiritual beliefs and the concept of karma. 

I thought, "What could happen life after life for souls to develop?" ,"Is there such a thing as soul mates?"  and "Would people recognise each other from a previous life, even if only at a subconscious level?" 

It was an interesting subject, but I didn't have the idea for a fictional book, which would explore these questions. I continued writing my biographies and crime series. 

Then one day, my daughter told me that she had undergone a half dream/ spiritual experience where a very close deceased loved one came to her with a message for me. The message was "Wear Bright Colours For Me." This became the book's title.

At the same time,my youngest grandson Alex, then three, started nursery school and immediately bonded with a little girl named Isla. They became inseparable, and three years later are still sharing a unique friendship. 

These two children are firm friends, but the way they look at each other, and care for each other, is greater than friendship. It is most definitely some type of love. 

They are the inspiration for my two main characters and I dedicate this book to Alex and Isla. 









Alex and Isla at Alex's Birthday Party l