I’m certain at last....I have a split personality! 


In all groups, book-fest's or literary conferences I am invariably asked the question,“what is your genre?”

“W..e..l..l,” I reply. “I've written biographies, so I'm a biographer. I've written a crime series, so I'm a crime writer. There's also my psychological self help books and a novel about reincarnation. Of course, my Psychological thrillers have done well, and the Erotica. Oh yes, I've written a chick lit romance, and a children's book. So I’m not sure what my genre really is! ”

Most authors seem to comfortably sink into a specific genre and write all their books accordingly. “Famous crime writer, Agatha Christie,” for example, or “romantic novelist Barbara Cartland.”

Other author's tell me that they've always been drawn to a particular genre and subject. One of my friends, author Lynette Rees writes romances, notably historical romance, although she has written some successful contemporary novels too. Occasionally, she dabbles in suspense, and has written one murder mystery. However, she is a romantic writer first and foremost, which reflects her real personality. 

Lynette is a true romantic at heart, and sees the romance in everything. When it comes to spinning a tale...well she takes you back in time to a more ‘romantic’ era and weaves a spell binding storry...you MUST read her books. 

Another author friend, Faith Mortimer, writes the most incredible psychological thrillers. Although she also writes romance, her books always have that edge of true suspense. A natural talent for ‘leading you up the garden path', a wonderfully atmospheric writer. You feel the chills running down your spine when you read the books in her ‘dangerous minds’ series. In real life she is a lovely family woman...however, she still has an air of mystery around her. Her novels reflect her personality. 

I could give you more and more examples of authors personalities being reflected in the books they write...the genre they choose.


SO ME? Well, you will have to ask my friends what my personality is like. Although, judging by the plethora of genres I use, I think I must have multiple personality disorder! A definite split! 

I read all genres, I always have. I go through phases of loving crime, periods of doting on historical fiction, and yet other weeks or months devouring dystopian works. My writing is exactly the same . I write how I feel at that specific time. 

At the moment, I am actually writing TWO books: 

One is a Historical romance set during WW2. The other is a Psychologival thriller which involves the very up to the minute, Internet and social media. I write whichever one I feel like on a particular day, or more usually for around a week, then return to the other!i would get a very strange book indeed if I mixed them up, with a WW2 captain emailing the enemy! 

So, if you meet me, try and guess the genre of my  current book by my personality at the time! 

Please try some of my novels and see what you think! 

Links: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Faith-Mortimer/e/B002EQ8HH6/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0