Behnd the Counterfeit Wife.

This book “TheCointerfeit Wife” has enjoyed popularity in America as a “book to live your life by”. 

It is a novel, not a self help book, but many comments have said that it shows the different ways people can love and express that love. It encourages the reader to be non-judgemental and accept the romances which tak e place within the story.: A non-sexual relationship, ;a lesbian affair and a heterosexual encounter. 

Love is infinate and can be expressed in many ways. This book has a multitude of layers, even looking at bondage and sex parties in a small, rural town. However it also tells the tales of respectable society and reveals many hidden secrets. 

Read the synopsis  below and treat yourself to the book! 


The Counterfeit Wife 


I would describe this book as a Gothic novel, set in contemporary times. 

It is a story of a woman who marries a man who does not love her. He is incapable of loving anyone, due to a dark past.

They live in his Gothic Mansion in Sevenoaks Kent, which is a building with secrets of its own. The heroine, Mara is frustrated and depressed due to lack of love off Edmund De Quentin, her husband. 

She gets passionately involved with Tasha, who shows the naive bride how to enjoy love. They also investigate the Manor and discover shocking secrets within its walls putting themselves in danger. 

The staff, Matt Baker and other locals add to the air of mystery surrounding the De Quentins and  especially when Sir Henry comes to stay. Mara finds out more about Edmund’s deep secrets, but decides to put off confronting him until she has collected all the evidence.

Will the Manor claim even more lives in an indescribable  tragedy which mimics the past or will love finally conquer the demons which haunted the family for over forty years?


The counterfeit wife is now available in kindle Ebook. 




Lovely thank you! So excited :) I really enjoyed it! It was exactly what I wanted to read yesterday, the characters were great and the story was enjoyable and original! Jenette  


When this books begins, it seems an innocent read, but one gets drawn deeper and deeper into the book, it reveals secrets, and takes a most unexpected and frightening turn, that makes compelling reading - a cannot put down book from start to finish

5 STARS Betty Osment .